Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has come but not everyone knows interesting things about this holiday. Let’s find out information about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, takes place on February 14 every year. This is the most anticipated holiday of lovers and also the day that singles hate the most.The meaning of valentine’s day is that couples who love each other will show their affection by giving gifts to them, taking them out and showing intimate gestures, affirming their love to the other person. .In terms of the meaning of the holiday everyone knows, but actually Valentine also contains a lot of interesting things that not everyone knows. Let’s explore together.

1. The Origin of Valentine’s Day According to valentine’s day legend, Valentine is named after Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr. Legend has it, in 269 AD. In a faraway land, there lived a tyrannical emperor who wanted to forbid men and women from loving each other.In such times, a priest named Valentine, despite the king’s measures to prevent them, unites lovers to come together.The king was angry and ordered this priest to be killed to deter people. On the day of his execution, the priest left a few short lines to the girl he loved, saying that he thanked her for her friendship and love that she had for him.Underneath he signed “From your Valentine”. This message was written on February 14. Also from here, February 14 is called by couples who love each other as Vanletine day to say the truth “love is immortal”, nothing can separate love. There is another legend that comes from Rome. In 270, a bishop named Valentino di Interamna was a friend of the emperor Claudius II. During his reign, Rome fought many bloody, pointless and unpopular wars. The king had trouble getting the boys to join his army.Claudius believes that the love of family and lover is the reason why men do not want to join the army. Since then, the king ordered the cancellation of all weddings and engagements, preventing loving couples from coming together. The king hoped that this way would cut off the emotional cords and make the men obediently join the war he created.At this time his friend Valentino joined Saint Marius to help the lovers get married in secret. For this act, the king ordered his arrest. Emperor Claudius II offered two options: either convert to paganism, where marriage was forbidden, or stay and die. Valentino accepted martyrdom.The afternoon before his execution, he sent a card to the jailer’s daughter, born blind, who had been miraculously healed by him, and signed “dal vostro Valentino” (Your Valentine) – My Valentine). It was also the world’s first “Valentine card”.Out of pity for a Pastor Bishop for his noble deed. People worshiped Valentino as the patron saint of love, and used February 14 as a day for loving couples to express their love for each other.

2. There are 3 Valentine’s Days The origin of Valentine’s Day is only one day, but after a long time of propagation and development, Valentine’s Day appeared for 2 more days and was responded by many countries around the world, most notably Japan. Copy.These 3 holidays include: Red Valentine (February 14), White Valentine (March 14), Black Valentine (April 14).Red Valentine (February 14) – Lovers’ DayRed Valentine’s Day is the traditional holiday passed down through the legends mentioned above. This is an opportunity for lovers to express their feelings to each other through gifts and love letters.Usually, on this day, boys will give chocolates and say love to their girlfriends to express their feelings.White Valentine (March 14) – The day for the boyfriend to return his love to his girlfriendWhite Valentine’s Day is also known by many names such as White Valentine, White Day. White Valentine originates from Japan. In Japanese culture, February 14 is the day when a woman will express her love to a man and when it comes to March 14, men will return that affection with gifts and words of love. Black Valentine’s Day is considered as a day for lonely people to gather together in a certain space to eat together, to share with each other the unlucky in love. So do you know which country Black Valentine’s Day originates from?Black Valentine’s Day comes from Korea. The traditional food eaten by Koreans on this day is usually Jachang noodles (noodles with black bean sauce).After a long development of Valentine’s Day, many countries around the world have responded to other holidays such as White Valentine in Japan and Red Valentine in Korea. But for Vietnam alone, people only look forward to Red Valentine’s Day on February 14.

3. Does the person giving the gift have to be a boy? According to the legend of Valentine’s Day, the first Valentine card in the world was given to a girl by Bishop Valentine and so according to tradition, on this day, the man will be the one to give the gift to the female friend.But over time is also the time when society and culture have “slightly shifted”. When in the past, men were always respected and thought that all personal and family emotional issues must be decided by the man, now it is very important for a girl to express her feelings and give gifts to her boyfriend. popular.

4. Meaning of Chocolate on Valentine’s Day It is not natural that Chocolate has become a “national” gift on this love day. The Aztecs believed that Chocolate was derived from pure spirituality, from supernatural energies, erotic and seductive forces.When you taste a piece of Chocolate, you will feel full of bitter and sweet flavors symbolizing the taste of love, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but love brings people interesting and always yearning to experience it.Therefore, Chocolate has transcended the boundary of a nutritious food, but now it is also a symbol of the taste of love. So in 1902, Chocolate became a popular gift on Valentine’s Day.

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